Facebook (Meta) has invited Pakistan to participate in the annual conference.

Los Angeles: Pakistan has been invited to the annual marketing conference held by the international social media technology organization META (Facebook), which began on September 29. It is declared to be incorporated.

These countries include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Laos. The conference will bring together global and regional leaders to discuss business trends and technologies and explore new opportunities.

Business messaging, metaverse and marketing, discovery commerce, and creators for business are just a few topics that will be covered during the conference. A future plan will also be prepared.

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The conference will feature Meshaal Klein, Vice President of Global Business Marketing, and Benjamin, Meta’s Vice President of Southeast Asia and Emerging Markets. They will address the future of Metaverse and the opportunities for businesses. Additionally, how Meta is contributing to the ecosystem of Metaverse by collaborating with its industry partners, experts and policymakers.

During the conference, Jordi Fournes, Meta’s Director for Emerging Markets in the Asia Pacific, and Rafael Frankel, Meta’s Public Policy Director for Emerging Markets, will share Meta’s core values ​​of bringing people together, finding communities, and growing businesses. Act as a bridge and a place where companies meet communities.

They will also highlight business transformation initiatives in emerging APEC regions, digital skills advancement initiatives, and successful businesses that have embraced the challenges and reinvented their business models.

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