Facebook Rating Dropped From 4.0 to 2.4 on Play Store

On Google Play, the Facebook rating has recently fallen from 4.0 to 2.4.

People use Facebook to connect. The app offers convenience and freedom to express yourself, but things have recently taken a turn for the worse. The app does not seem to respect freedom of speech and the right to express oneself, at least as far as Muslims in South Asia, the Middle East, and Arab countries are concerned.

At the time of publishing this article, the app store had over 5,000,000,000 downloads and 115,804,467 reviews. People have been registered giving only ‘1 star’ on various social media forums, claiming unequal justice and clear injustice, resulting in a huge number of ratings of 2.4. On the App Store, the ranking has also fallen significantly. On the Apple App Store, the latest Facebook app ranking is 2.4.

Many accounts have reportedly been suspended or blocked indefinitely for criticising Israeli military violence against Palestinian Muslims.

Muslims all over the world are shared posts in support of Palestine, and some accounts have been flagged for their posts for unexplained reasons.

This seems to be a trend not only on Facebook but also on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. People from all over the world have been share posts on Facebook about the country’s current tensions.

The 1-star rating on the Google Play Store reflects the app’s poor performance and users’ dissatisfaction.

According to AFP, over 200 Palestinians have been killed as a result of Israel’s continuing violence, including more than 50 children.


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