Facebook to Invest in Pakistan through Nayatel

Nayatel and Facebook established a partnership today to invest in fiber broadband in Pakistan to improve and increase connectivity. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect millions of people around the world, high-speed, reliable, and affordable Internet has become a basic household necessity.

New fibre networks will be deployed by Nayatel to serve as the backbone infrastructure for 4G/5G mobile and fixed broadband, which is a significant driver of economic growth and job creation. Nayatel will own, develop, maintain, and operate a new fibre network and sell wholesale capacity to mobile operators and ISPs as part of this agreement, while Facebook will invest in the fibre network and provide network planning.

By 2022, this high-speed fiber will connect thousands of sites, increasing internet connectivity capacity and geographic reach to roughly 10 to 15 million people in Pakistan’s eight largest cities.

This network will aid Pakistan’s digital transformation and is in line with the government’s goals to improve inclusive connectivity throughout the country. The network will provide fiber backhaul to mobile carriers and ISPs on an open-access, non-discriminatory basis, expanding capacity and supporting high-speed 4G/5G connections.

Facebook is assisting operators in using fiber infrastructure to improve access to affordable internet by investing in and supporting network construction. This is Facebook’s first venture in Pakistan, and it’s part of a larger plan to invest in the country and improve connectivity in the region.

Facebook’s Asia Pacific Head of Connectivity and Access Policy said that “We are excited to collaborate with Nayatel as part of our efforts to deliver fast and dependable internet connections to people all around the world, including Pakistan,” said Tom Varghese, CEO of Nayatel.”

Wahaj us Siraj, CEO of Nayatel, spoke about their partnership. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Facebook for the first time to expand fiber broadband and offer high-speed internet to millions more Pakistanis”

This partnership will help the government realize its vision of a digital Pakistan by enhancing productivity for small and medium businesses, creating new job opportunities, and providing youngsters with access to online learning.


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