Great news for Facebook, and Messenger users | Facebook New Update

Great news for Facebook, and Messenger users

Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs are getting new features that enable users to be more expressive in their communication.

Facebook’s new updates include everything from new themes to the ability to respond to messages with a picture or video.

Here’s more on the latest Facebook and Instagram messaging features that are now available.

Facebook New Update:

Facebook, the most popular social networking site, has introduced new features. Facebook’s new features are for its messaging app Messenger and Instagram. Facebook New Update includes With the new feature added to Instagram, users will now also have the seen option in their inbox. After which the sender will know that his message has been viewed or not.

Users can also check their inbox to see if a message has been read. The message will be verified by a text fragment.

facebook new update

Instagram users had access to this information before, but it allowed them to open the window. It’s a minor but welcome change in the quality of life.

In addition, the Facebook Messenger app has a swipe left option to keep old chats easily hidden, which allows the user to keep their chats secret.

On the other hand, audio features are being worked on rapidly to further update the Facebook app, so that users can easily send voice messages, which can be sent by clicking on the mic icon.

Facebook says that this audio message feature will soon be available to users on Instagram as well.

Chat themes are also being added on Messenger and Instagram, and these themes will be available to users soon.


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