Is WhatsApp Introduce any Pink Version? | WhatsApp Pink

Do not click if you see a WhatsApp Pink message in any WhatsApp group. A hacker is attempting to hack your phone and steal your details by a phishing attack. No, there isn’t a pink version of WhatsApp. Whatsapp Pink is a new virus spreading across WhatsApp groups and social media. The virus is disguised as an APK file that downloads and install a pink-skinned version of WhatsApp.

It’s an attempt by hackers to hack your smartphone and gain access to your files, which include photographs, videos, and important financial information. WhatsApp users are falling for a WhatsApp pink message that promises to change your skin colour from pink to pink. An ethical hacker and a cybersecurity researcher on Twitter, was the first to notice this malware.

The connection, once clicked, does not take any action; instead, it operates in the background to gain access to your files and manipulate your phone credentials. Once your phone has been hacked, the hacker has full control over it.

How to Avoid From This Virus?

To be honest, the only way to protect yourself is to not click it and to spread awareness on social media by informing people that it is a scam and that hackers are sharing this connection in various WhatsApp groups to gain access to people’s phones and personal details.

A similar phishing attempt made the rounds in WhatsApp groups three years ago, in 2018. Following the same pattern as WhatsApp Pink, a hacker released WhatsApp Gold, which was nothing more than a connection that allowed hackers to access your phone and steal your data.

whatsapp gold

Around 25 million Android WhatsApp users were infected with malicious malware a year later, in 2019. A hacker spread a fake WhatsApp connection promising new features such as video calls and a desktop version. (Both were not officially launced by WhatsApp at the time).

Ativador Windows 8, 8.1 

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