MacBook Users Will Get Better Desktop App Soon

Previously, WhatsApp lacked a standalone desktop application, with the Windows and Mac versions utilizing the web version in an Electron shell format. This can be thought of as packaging the web version in a sleek wrapper and labeling it as “WhatsApp Desktop.”

In the past, WhatsApp’s desktop experience was limited to utilizing the web version in an Electron shell. However, this changed in the recent past when a native version was released for Windows users, now available to all, providing a more visually appealing interface and expanded functionality.

WhatsApp has also introduced a native version of its app for macOS. Initially, this version was only available to a select group of beta testers through TestFlight, but it is now accessible to the general public for download on the official website for use on macOS Big Sur and more recent versions.

The release of a native version for macOS is a significant improvement over the previous Electron version as it is expected to perform faster and more efficiently on Mac hardware. The news was first reported by the well-known WhatsApp feature tracking blog, WABetaInfo.

It’s worth noting that the native version of macOS is still in its early development stages and may contain some bugs. However, if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, it can be downloaded from WhatsApp’s official website.

The WhatsApp development team utilized the Mac Catalyst framework from Apple for creating the native version of the app for macOS. This framework aims to simplify the process for developers to build apps that can run seamlessly across both macOS and iPad.

Interestingly, there is currently no WhatsApp app available for iPad, which means that users are limited to using the web version. However, this could change as the native version of the app for macOS is developed and moves out of beta testing.


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