PSL 8 New Logo and Slogan Release

Pakistan Super League (PSL) unveils new logo and slogan for 8th edition, replacing “Soch Hai Apki” with “Sab Sitaray Hamaray.

As the cricket season approaches, Pakistan Super League (PSL) has revealed its new logo for the 8th edition. The new logo features a bold and stylish 8 with the slogan “Sab Sitaray Hamaray” meaning “all stars are ours” to represent the league’s message that all fans, teams, and players are the stars of the league.

The new logo for PSL 8 has been designed to symbolize all three units as stars of the league by including three stars. The color theme of the logo reflects the national colors of Pakistan, including white and various shades of green.

The new logo for PSL 8 was well-received by fans who are looking forward to the tournament. However, fans are curious about the reason for the change in the official slogan from “Soch Hai Apki” to “Sab Sitaray Hamaray” for the 8th edition. The previous slogan had been announced in the draft for PSL 8.

The league will kick off on February 13th and will take place in multiple cities across Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Rawalpindi.

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