Review of the Sabrent Rocket 4 PLUS-G 2TB Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD

The Rocket 4 Plus-G from Sabrent is the first DirectStorage-optimized SSD in the world and was created especially for gamers who require the fastest speeds possible. The Rocket 4 Plus-G, which uses DirectStorage technology to give exceptional speeds, is the best gaming drive since it is future-proof. AMD’s Ryzen 7950X3D and Intel’s Core i9 13900K will be used to test this SSD. This strong SSD has many cutting-edge features, such as a Phison E18 controller, PCIe 4.0 technology, and 3D NAND flash memory. It is one of the fastest SSDs available, with sequential read and write rates of up to 7,200 MB/s and 6,850 MB/s, respectively.

Rocket 4 Plus-G Price

The Rocket 4 Plus-G offers great speed and outstanding durability and endurance. The 2 TB model is rated for up to 1,400 TBW (Terabytes Written), guaranteeing enduring performance and dependability for even the most demanding gaming requirements. Prices for the Rocket 4 Plus-G range from €148.99 for a 1GB model to €269.99 for a 2TB model and €524.99 for a 4TB model. Will the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G be the greatest DirectStorage game drive in the future with its cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance?

Specification table

The NAND flash chips in use are the most recent 176-layer 3D TLC-based Micron chips. The performance of the new flash chips has been slightly improved, and write speeds are substantially faster. Remember that this is a TLC-written NVMe SSD with a Phison E18 controller, which can provide certain benefits inside your storage array. This PCIe Gen 4 x4 M2 device might be what you’re looking for if you want top-tier high performance at an affordable price. The product comes in a variety of quantities and sizes.

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There are 4TB and 1TB models, which we have not yet tested. For the fastest 2 TB and 4 TB M2 SSD, the business claims write speeds of up to 6850 MB/s and read speeds of up to 7200 MB/s. They provide a valid five-year warranty. The 2 TB model’s TBW rating was 1400 TBW, the 1 TB model’s was 700 TBW, and the 4 TB model’s was 2800 TB. TBW stands for TeraBytes Written, the total amount of data a business is willing to guarantee can be written to the drive. The IOPS values, which are around 1 Million in each direction, are also astounding.

Review of the Sabrent Rocket 4 PLUS-G 2TB Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD

The specifications are excellent, but will this product live up to its promises? The SSD is built using the cutting-edge 8-channel Phison PS5018-E18 controller and has TLC-written NAND installed. The performance will vary slightly with volume size; however, the faster the volume, the more significant. The SSD is an M.2 2280 form factor Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe 1.4) SSD. A decent SATA3 SSD today delivers excellent performance numbers, but with the more specialized NVMe SSDs, performance may be multiplied by 14x, which offers impressive numbers. The device has a smaller M.2 2280 form factor (8 cm).

Thus, it should fit perfectly on most ATX motherboards that support M.2. Want to know how fast it is, though? Will this be a legitimate rival to the Samsung 980 PRO? Hell yeah. A five-year warranty has been added to the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G SSD, offering gamers even more assurance and peace of mind about their investment.

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