With Android 14, Samsung’s One UI 6.0 could get more color

Samsung's One UI 6.0 could gain some vibrancy and color with the release of Android 14

There is a possibility that the user interface color palette will be upgraded in Samsung Galaxy devices that receive the One UI 6.0 update. New evidence points to Google improving the capabilities of its Material You design language for Android 14, which includes the ability to customize colors. And we might observe comparable alterations in Samsung’s next One UI 6.0 version. Google has lately hinted that Material You will soon support additional color options. The tweet on Twitter that served as a teaser includes a brief movie that provided a sneak glimpse of a notion for the next evolutionary stage of the color palette feature seen in Material You.

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This new color design approach introduced with Android 14 is known internally as “Fidelity.” And as the name suggests, Google wants the color palette in the next major version of the Android operating system to mirror the user’s wallpaper more closely, using better colors and sometimes more bright, as well as higher contrasts. 9to5Google noticed that this new style is partially available in Google’s open-source code. Even though these capabilities are not yet available in beta builds of Android 14, 9to5Google made this discovery. But only time will tell if the name “Material You” will be changed to “Fidelity” or if Google will combine these names and come up with the “Material You Fidelity” designation instead.

Samsung's One UI 6.0 could gain some vibrancy and color with the release of Android 14

The foundation of Android 14’s Fidelity theme is conceptually comparable to the color scheme used in Material You. Users can set the colors of the user interface to match the wallpapers they use. On the other hand, colors are handled differently by the new system.

Samsung's One UI 6.0 could gain some vibrancy and color with the release of Android 14

The screenshots displayed above show that the Fidelity (right) website emphasizes color contrasts and bright color choices. Fidelity accurately adds the red color to more UI components, such as the favorite star-shaped button and the color picker button in the lower-right corner. Material You (on the left) mutes the original red hue, whereas Fidelity adds the red color to more UI elements. Fidelity ought to give customers increased control over their color selections, and the options they receive should more accurately represent the backgrounds they use.

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Because Samsung’s color palette feature in One UI is based on the Material You style in Android OS, likely, One UI 6.0 will also benefit from an upgraded “Fidelity” color palette feature. This will apply specifically to users of Galaxy devices. One UI 6.0 may provide users of Galaxy devices with even greater control over the appearance of their user interfaces based on the wallpapers they select.


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