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Secrets and Tips on how to be successful in life?

Secrets and Tips on how to be successful in life?

Secrets and Tips on how to be successful in life?

Everybody has some and All of us want success in our goals it would be a doctor maybe a cricketer student, employee or any person who belongs to any field of the world. So I am here with some secrets and tips to help you achieve your goals successfully.

We all want to be successful in life, but some of us succeed, and some do not. Why?

There was a Hollywood movie called Karate Kid. There was a very interesting scene in this movie. A 16 to 17-year-old boy goes to the teacher to learn karate, but instead of teaching him karate, the teacher gives him painting equipment and wax and gives him his car. Applies to painting and waxing. Now all the child has to do is wax the car and rub the wax with both hands right and left. The teacher calls it wax on and wax out.

Now, look at the situation. The child has gone to learn karate but the teacher has put him on waxing on his car and it’s not even a day’s work. The child has been working waxing on and waxing out of the car all year. Eventually, the child got fed up with this difficulty and started cursing the teacher.


At last, when the teacher started teaching karate to the child a year later, the child realized at that time that waxing on and waxing out was not actually a job to polish the car, it was actually karate hard work.

Do You Know Why?

Because painting and waxing the car had strengthened the child’s arm and arm muscles and it was very easy for him to learn karate when he started playing karate.

Have you ever thought?

Have you ever wondered who are the people who achieve their goals and who are the ones who succeed? There is only one answer, only people like Karate Kid succeed in the world. How?

I will tell you this!

Remember that it is our brain that decides what we do in life but it is our muscles that act on it. Decisions that we think become messages and these messages reach our muscles in nanoseconds through our nerves and our muscles move right and left accordingly. For example, I decided to move my arm from the brain. In nanoseconds, the decision reaches my hand and arm muscles and I move my arm.

Now the question is if something is coming from the front at the speed of a bullet, will I have time to decide to avoid it? This decision became a message and this message reached the muscles through my Nerves and the muscles save me.

No, I and my brain will not have enough time to analyze the situation. Give the brain time to make a decision. The brain will make a decision. That decision will become a message. This will not be possible

Remember that in a world that is faster than brain signals and nerves, we have to choose another medium to deal with it and what is that medium, medium wax on and wax out? That means, we should practice something so much that the loser’s brain does not need messages and signals, it will go straight to the memory of our muscles and the muscles starts the movement in a thousandth of a second.

You also have to remember that the movement of the muscles of most successful people in the world is faster than the signals of their brains. The movement of muscles becomes their instinct.

I once watched an interview with Sachin Tendulkar, the best batsman in the world. He said in this interview that “for 24 years in a row I reached the ground at 6 in the morning and I started each day with 500 balls and did not take a single off during that time. I was still on the ground at 6 am the day after my wedding and winning the World Cup”. He also said that “I played 4.1 million balls off the ground. These balls made the ball and the bat a memory of my muscles, so I used to play the ball that came at the speed of a bullet”.

Bruce Lee, the King of martial arts, practised a single move 10,000 times a day and then he was able to do push-ups on one finger and thumb and he would break wood from an inch away.


If you want to be the best cook in the world, there is only one way to do it is Wax on wax out. You practice so much that the recipe of dishes goes into the muscles of your hands and they do not need brain signals and then you believe that no one in the world will be able to stop you۔

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