Thyroid Problems What is the Treatment for it?


Obesity and facial hair starts coming out from the thyroid and … What is the treatment for it?

The human body is made by nature under a special system, some parts of the body, work independently and some parts work together under other muscles and arteries. The parts that work on their own are certainly considered very important because wherever problems arise, that part will stop working or exacerbate the pain.

Thyroid disease is on the rise in women these days, and we are having problems because we don’t know the initial symptoms.

Adult women:

In adult women, thyroid causes infertility in 3 out of 10 women. If you are pregnant and have the disease, there is a risk that the baby may die during pregnancy. More than 13% of pregnant women suffer from hypothyroidism.

Thyroid glands:
Famous Canadian Dr Emily Howard says: We have thyroid glands in our throat that produce certain types of hormones that keep the energy from food in other functions of the body. Its secreted hormone helps to energize all the cells of the body. Our body makes thyroid hormone through iodine and if iodine is deficient then inflammation occurs in the thyroid gland.

Thyroid symptoms:


  • The most common symptom is swelling of the throat and it starts to appear regularly. This is the most common symptom but it cannot be diagnosed immediately.
  • Weight gain begins rapidly.
  •  There is difficulty in breathing and this difficulty increases continuously.
  •  Women have pregnancy problems and sometimes it leads to infertility.
  •  The cold seems to be more.
  •  Muscle pain seems to be permanent.
  •  Eyes become thick, it looks like they will come out, they complain of pain, vision is affected.
  • The fact that teenage girls do not grow taller is also a silent sign.
  • Iodine deficiency causes our hands to become cold.
  • The sound starts to change and resonate.
  •  Dr Emily says: ” ” Thyroid disease has now increased the problems of facial hair in women because it affects their special hormones testosterone and progesterone, thus more on the body and face. The hair comes out.

Causes of the thyroid:

  • The most common cause is a lack of iodine in the body.
  • Depression and stress also increase the disease.
  • Diabetes, blood pressure disease also causes it.

Household tip:

  • Use fennel tea frequently, grind flax seeds and use it with milk, eat weight loss foods, increase yogurt consumption, eat more balanga seeds, drink coriander drink.


  • A hormone, controlled by thyroxine, is produced in the thyroid gland, a gland in front of our throat.

Low hormone formation:

  • If for some reason there is a decrease in the functions of this gland, then a small amount of hormone is produced, which then has effects on the whole body.

Coconut oil:

  • In this case, if you eat only food cooked in coconut oil, it is considered very suitable for you.

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