Whatsapp Stop Working in may if You Don’t Share Your Data

Whatsapp Stop Working:

If you do not approve WhatsApp’s revised terms and privacy policy, the app will act in a certain way, according to the company Whatsapp Stop Working. The information comes from the official website of the social media giants.

The app will initially send you a continuous notification asking you to approve its new terms and privacy policy. After a few weeks, however, users will see a constant alert.

When you see this alert, the app will go into a restricted functionality mode, and you won’t be able to access your chat list. You will, however, be able to receive and respond to incoming calls and texts through notifications.

You will stop getting calls and text messages after a few weeks.

WhatsApp has not provided specific dates for when these activities will take place, instead of providing undefined timeframes for each state of the app, which could differ for different users.

whatsapp stop working

Users should still be able to accept the new policy after May 15th, according to the screenshot above, but will gradually lose app functionality over the next few weeks if it is not.

WhatsApp has stated that no accounts will be deleted, but if you do not comply, the app will become nearly useless.


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