Why does 1% of mobile battery last long?

Nowadays smartphones have become a necessity for everyone, someone uses them for work and someone uses them for gaming.

One of the conditions for using a smartphone is that it is fully charged as there is no other solution for that.

It has been observed that the battery of a fully charged smartphone falls very fast while using the phone while in the end, 1% of the battery of the mobile lasts for a long time.

Many people are surprised to learn that their phone does not know how much charge is left in the tank.

According to an estimate, if the battery lasts longer than 1%, then your full power and lifeline are very good.

One simple reason why 1% would last a long time is that the phone’s current battery capacity has been underestimated. Then, when it gets to the point that it thinks the battery should be almost empty, showing 1%, it discovers that the battery has more power than it thought. That’s before the battery reaches its minimum output voltage, which indicates it’s fully depleted.

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