YouTube Music on Galaxy phones now Plays Podcasts in the US

In February, Google announced that podcasts would soon be distributed via YouTube Music. This would enable consumers to listen to the same podcasts they view on YouTube even while their device is locked. This capability is now available in the United States. Within the United States, Google gradually includes podcast functionality within the YouTube Music app for Android devices.

Your Galaxy smartphone or tablet, along with any other Android device, will soon have a “Podcasts” link that can be found at the very top of the Home page of the new YouTube Music app. This section contains a list of all podcasts available on the platform. The program classifies podcasts and makes recommendations for them based on popularity, genre, and interest.

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When clicked, YouTube Music will play the audio version of the selected podcast. This new feature allows users to listen to podcasts as they would listen to music, which many people find more handy than seeing them on YouTube. Users may receive access to this capability in phases. Additionally, Google is working to bring this service to additional locations.

Podcasts from YouTube Music may be downloaded for free.

This podcast listening experience is different from our music listening experience, where you need a Premium or Music Premium subscription to enjoy some of these features,

In the release post, Google says that YouTube Music would not need a podcast subscription. There will soon be audio advertisements included in YouTube Music podcasts.

This month, Google added an option for “Podcasts” to the pages of YouTube channel channels. This brand-new feature shows all podcasts marked by a creator, making it much easier for viewers to locate specific content. The YouTube creators’ podcasts may be found in the podcasts section of YouTube Music.

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